Our Sheltie pups are all socialized with

small children and adults.

We enjoy our shelties very much! >

Shelties come with thick coats, long coats,                                              short coats & long and thick coats!

Even though it is just one coat, I'm going                                                      to describe it in a way we can understand it.                                                       

The shorter coat, some call "rough".                                                                                             This coat is thick and not too long, very pretty

The longer coat, some call this"smooth".                                                                                       This coat is long, but not thick, very pretty also

A thick Under and long Outer coat is the required                                                       coat for the show ring, the exception being agility.                                                                       A thick and long coat, can be hard to keep brushed.


Welcome to my Website!

 (updated March 2, 2021)

please visit my Facebook page for pictures of previous litters

Susan Bane in Henrico, Virginia

I have been raising Shetland Sheepdogs  for the last 21 years

I was raised with an animal loving family, my mom bred American Eskimo Spitz when I was a child. She taught me a lot

about breeding. She also began the process to have them recognized by the AKC. So, as you see, I have been around

breeding my entire life.

I choose Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) because

Shelties are such a great all around wonderful dog, and make great companions for families or just one person alike

They are great for a family with young children or for the elderly living alone

They are easy to train and very intelligent. They make great therapy dogs!

This is Midnight and Buddy. Checking out things...:)

Buddy is just a small package of joy.. lol...lol.. He catches everyone's heart!

The coloring of the Shelties below are Blue Merle - Midnight/ sable-headed white - Silver/ Tri - Misty/ Mahogany Sable - Precious /Sable - Lulu / Sable - Little Bit

They decided they would help me with my work....

  Can't wait to get the beacon!

Precious getting a great back massage!

If I stand pretty enough I might get the bacon......... :)



Shelties are just great dogs!


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